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janne o svém vystoupení v 1. závodě v Bischofshofenu

14. ledna 2008 v 16:33 | andulii |  JanneAhonen
'I don't feel like a grand winner of the Four Hills Tournament just yet. There's still one more competition ahead and actually anything can happen.' - Ahonen told press at the conference after today's event in Bischofshofen. 'I'm preparing myself for a tough rivalry because both Morgenstern and Schlierenzauer are very strong now. Of course I am very content with my current shape and that I managed to get to a 'higher level' (laugh) exactly for the tournament.' - he continued.

'Back to the summer I also felt pretty strong but then the beginning of the season brought huge disappointment, but nowadays jumping brings me joy again and the fact I've got a really big chance to post my fifth overall win is just wonderful it gives me wings to fly. I'm very far from retiring at the moment. I know for sure that I want to continue jumping.' - Ahonen finished.

The biggest hero of the current season, Austria's Thomas Morgenstern, who had to submit to the second place today, kept on the positive mood: 'If Janne wins the tournament for the fifth time I will be very very glad, because he is absolutely one of the best ski jumpers in the history and a role-model for many young athletes. He is on the right track to grab the title but on other hand he is so experienced that it surely helps him. I think he's here for the 20th time or so (laugh) and I'm here for the sixth. Of course Gregor Schlierenzauer or Anders Jacobsen were able to clinch podium even as total debutants.. so it all depends. When it comes to my jumps today, I'm pretty satisfied, though they were far from perfection. I know I can jump like Janne - so I'm looking forward to tomorrow's event. We Austrians won't ever give up. We will fight to the end.'

The third athelete of today's meet, Simon Ammann, left just a short comment: 'Honestly I do think that Janne and Thomas should be glad that I didn't jump so well in the first stages of the Tournament (laugh), otherwise they'd be endangered now. Well and seriously speaking, I'm happy I'm back to my good old ways, though my second jump today was really a big surprise not something I planned to achieve (laugh).'
The inscription on Morgenstern's skis should become the official motto of the 56th edition of the Four Hills Tournament. Finland's Janne Ahonen definitely 'believed' clinching a double victory in a weather cursed final competition in Bischofshofen, Austria, and rewriting the history with his fifth overall win in this prestigious event.

Ahonen showed a grand style and unruffled will, qualities that belong to legends only, while blazing 126.0 meters in the controversial opening leg to seal his success in an astonishing manner with his jump of 136.0 meters, which not only secured his overall trophy but also put him at the top of today's meet.

Thomas Morgenstern fought to the end despite his shorter land in the first round of the competition, ending up on the third place and taking the second spot in the Four Hills Tournament overall standing. Unexpected third place went to Michael Neumayer while Gregor Schlierenzauer was sensationally bailed out as he didn't make it to the final round. The second place on the podium of today's meet went to Anders Bardal.

The 56th edition of the Four Hills Tournament will definitely be remembered for years because of the huge weather problems it had to face on the way. The KO modus was applied only once (Oberstdorf) and one of the events (Innsbruck) was moved to Bischofshofen which made it a 'three hill grand slam' rather than the real tournament. It was still a grand show despite all the twists and turns and the bitter first round of the crowning event which led to many shifts in the top-ten, and a great portion of disappointment for all the athletes who were smashed and razed in this opening phase.

The World Cup circus tournee continues and will have another two stages scheduled for Jan 12-13th in Italy's ski resort - Val di Fiemme.

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